Jaspers Annotative Bib

Published on: Oct 15 2012 by Inspiration: Powerful creative ads




Is a compilation of different photographs that depict signage and creative use of visual art to attract an audience. This site shows good use of promotional techniques.



Mike Mitchel, Illustrations




A collection of drawings that are enticing and some what  provocative. Has similair art style to that of Banksy. similar drawings can be included to the debt fence, to strengthen our intended message.

Steve Powers, Oct 28, 2012, The Art of Sign Painting



Steve powers and famous muralist and graffti artist discusses his take on signage. The video documents different bodies a work he did within New York City. The documentary also  gives insight on what inspires him to create his works of art.


Vice, Nov 29, 2012, From Graffiti Artist to Graphic Designer




Seher One once known as an illegal street artist converted his talent into a lucrative business as a graphic designer. This short documentary  Seher shows how he went from drawing pictures on the side of building, to becoming the artist he is today .


The Dropkings




Inspirational works of art by the famous graffiti artist Banksy. Pieces like these is what I would want to incorporate to the debt fence






This is a blog that shows various art styles and concepts. when looking  at various themes can give you different perspectives about what the artist was trying to represent






is a website that has various articles on concept designs about various artist. It shows image of artist pieces and discusses and give insight into the design and what the artist intended to represent.


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