Graffiti On Social Change

Graffiti is directly influenced by an adaptive society, meaning as society evolves and is ever changing so does the art. Graffiti is a direct reflection and our response to the way we interpret the world around us. It is the outlet and driving force of social issues, a voice that remains nameless in a world where branding and commodity is the principal of capitalism. Yet Graffiti doesn’t need any of this. It has no recognition, artists create free masterpieces for our eyes to interpret.

From London to America, all the way to South America, Graffiti is everywhere. It is a social movement and a source to bring up real issues. Most Graffiti art that is explored in this blog deals with the intricacy of human society, almost a criticism of culture through the outlet of art.The beautiful thing about this is you can get away with anything you want to sa,y feel or act because the true artists are disguised behind the world vandalism. Vandalism is defined as “deliberately mischievous or malicious destruction or damage of property”. Is this what artists do? Do you need permission to paint what you feel. In a society where one sided views are pushed upon the masses, why can’t there be other perspectives in the form of art. Yes, Art. I am not referring to a deliberate damaging of property, or some hateful or mischievous message that often gets associated with Graffiti. I am referring to the art of Graffiti that society does not want to explore. The type of Graffiti where you cant paint beautiful murals without the permission of society. A scripture where you can use the Urban canvass to make your voice heard. You want to change the way society works, have people open their eyes to it. Just like Nike, Gatorade, Samsung and all the other billion corporations making their statements by throwing something in your face, so why can’t artists do the same.Walls, buildings , concrete, I see nothing wrong making art from this. Some will approve or oppos,e however the one thing is clear that the line between Murals and Graffiti is very thin, and the only thing separating them is legality. However in my opinion those who do not ask for permission often find ways to make to make art that is a direct reflection of the environment we live in.

Jasper Thomas

OBEY Obey_Boston_2


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